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Privacy notice of interest for our users

Offshore Neobank recognizes how important it is to protect the privacy and information you may provide by visiting our website.
Privacy Policy

Our purpose is to deliver a unique experience that offers access to information, services, and resources that could be useful to your offshore entrepreneurship venture.

This notice will inform you about how we collect and use information, if any. Information like cookies is collected when using our website. Personal data such as your email address is collected when you subscribe to our newsletter. The same applies when and if you use our service or products.

This notice includes information for users in all kinds of jurisdictions. More importantly, we’d like to underline the fact that we’re in charge of personal information and it won’t be shared or sold to third parties whatsoever. By using our website, you understand that the personal data you may provide is processed in a safe and legal manner, regardless of your location.

We only collect the information you provide to us by subscribing to our newsletter, getting in touch with us, or discussing our services.

Automatically collected information is only for statistical purposes and includes device information, hardware model, operating system, browser type, and specific settings, as well as location and usage information, such as the most visited pages on our website and how much time you spend on each.

Our Privacy Policy